Princeso Santamaría

Princeso writes. Photgraphed by Canelo Cabrera.

Princeso Santamaría is a xicanx artist cultivating creative spaces that empower underserved communities and affirm queer voices. Whether delivering creative writing workshops or providing guest lectures for critical voices at UNAM and UC Berkeley’s Underrepresented Researchers of Color, Princeso’s engagements are known for integrating creative tools with culturally grounded strategies and collective exercises in vision-building.    With over 5 years of experience working with community-centered initiatives, Princeso pours their expertise into workshops such as “Creative Heart Healing for Gender Expansion” for the Healing Clinic Collective and the “Creative Healing for Survivors” workshop with UC Berkeley’s Gender Equity Resource Center and PATH to Care.    Princeso’s poetry performances have been celebrated at Fools FURY SF Theatre, Paseo Artístico hosted by Acción Latina, El Comalito Collective, UC Berkeley’s Lavendar Graduation, Laney College’s Puente Program, and the Alley Olly Arthouse at Blue Star Arts for artist-curator Davíd Zamora Casas.  You can find their work published on Ofrenda Magazine, Gemini Ink’s Writer’s Desk, and on platforms like Patreon and IG as flordenopal.

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My artistic vision is to honor our stories and experiences, paying tribute to the real suffering of our communities while making space to declare our visions for collective joy and lasting transformation. By emphasizing vibrant expressions and providing examples of sensory details, I anchor creative expression with visceral details to help create immersive artistic expressions.   I see the creative process as an opportunity to draw upon cultural traditions of poetry, ritual, and story-telling. Using this approach to anchor creative exercises aiming to celebrate resilience, share collective joy, and envision needed transformations. Through our artistic choices, we share testimony, bear witness, and call for transformation of violence into healing within communities of color and queer people. Building new visions through creative expression is empowering and I see how it inspires audiences, participants, and community members to participate in building visions of joy and transformation so that we can materialize our joy and transform our communities.

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