Raisa Melendez

Raisa Melendez is a self-taught artist who lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. A native of Yauco, Puerto Rico, she naturally emanates vibrant artworks influenced by her culture and local art community. She excels in creating smooth gradations of colors that elicit feelings of calmness or excitement in her audience. Melendez’s past artwork has included hyper-realistic elephants, various flowers including roses, The Tower of the Americas, skulls, and galactic scenes to name a few. She utilizes her knowledge in art theory to achieve a sense of realism in her creations. In her younger years, Melendez was driven by her natural curiosity and wild imagination. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science from The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. She currently works full-time at a pharmacy that focuses on the mental health of young children. With 4 years of experience in painting, Melendez has recently started to be a live painter. She is an in-house artist for two art collectives, Big Vibes Art House and 4Goodness Project Inc. She volunteers her time in assisting with local events, networks with artists regarding upcoming opportunities, and overall assists others in achieving their own goals in their artistic pursuits. Melendez strives to one day have her art showcased in an art gallery and create public murals for the city.

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