Reb Mari

Reb Mari comes from an ancestral line of healers and storytellers. She has her bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Texas in Austin. Reb is a danzante with Danza Coyolxauhqui and the Ballet Folklorico en Aztlan. She is a co-creator and founder of Texas’ first vegan restaurant with a full bar and community venue La Botanica SA. She is also the owner of the Alluring Alchemist apothecary and co-creator of San Arte Healing & Cultural Clinic.

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  • Rebel Mariposa is a self-identified queer Tejana living in San Antonio, Texas who is trailblazing consciousness, cultura, and the arts in her own unique way. She is the chef and owner of the highly acclaimed vegan restaurant, La Botanica. She is also a chingona, curator, activist, and dancer. This series was created with the intention to to inspire women (and men) from all walks of life, to dream big and take action on improving mental and physical health and on increasing spiritual, emotional, and financial consciousness. Produced by Angel Aviles for Living Firme.

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