Richard Lara

Since 2005, I have put my artistic endeavors to work in San Antonio. Since a young age, I’ve always been an observer of the world around me. That introspection came to a defining point at a young age when my parents divorced. I dug in to what made me comfortable; that was ART. I’ve dabbled in many forms of art since my youth and, at 45, I am still trying to spread my message that….ALL SOULS are WELCOME. What I’ve done in San Antonio with my passion is to cultivate other artists to work together. I run a House Music event production company called SPROUT. I’ve used that guise to spread the joy of the music we find and the music we create to bring people of all types together. It’s been a highly successful mission in my mind because it has served the small town purpose I’ve envisioned, but I want to reach more people as I expand my artistic self. We have had multiple day events and singular events bringing in talent from all over the United States. I have mainly worked with Hispanic and Black artists because I feel they are the souls of this medium called HOUSE MUSIC. They are the people who have used this medium to release their energy. That cultural war is something that I know all too well. It’s part of my upbringing seeing the lack of love from my Irish family due to marrying into a Hispanic culture. That is what I want to perform live around…a visual backdrop accompanying the audio from my creations while two people dance in unison and disjunction to the sounds.

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