Rikko Ollervidez

Ever since I grew up on Langford Street, I’ve always been so curious about people and the little details that make up who they are. Maybe it’s their glasses, a shirt, a hairstyle, a dress. Maybe it’s a watch or shoes. Their accent, their fragrance, their smile. These little things capture me, and compel me to speak with everyone and anyone. When I’m pumping gas, drinking a cup of coffee, walking my dog through the park and everywhere I go, I see the light in people and want to share in it. I know you – like many others – are thinking, “okay that’s crazy.” You know, everyone has a unique story – one about faith, one about love, one about pain. It doesn’t matter where I go or who I’m around, I always end up absorbed in the stories around me. The world is so beautiful, flowing with vibrant, varied colors, that we can all get lost in it if we just take the time to look around and embrace our surroundings. This collection of abstract paintings was brought to life with passion, anguish, and desolation. Each painting has a name and a story. For someone who has never painted, the creativity challenge began in 2018 with a surprising Father’s day gift of brushes, paints and canvas. Thank you to my kids and thank you to those who let my curiosity open a doorway to the colorful tales of our lives. – Rikko Ollervidez (just some kid from the southside)


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