Robert Rivera Ojeda

Robert Rivera Ojeda on Trumpet

I am a music performance artist dedicated to the heritage and preservation of Mexican American music.  I research this traditional culture specific art form and present it in a contemporary format using traditional and non-traditional instrumentation.  I am also the artistic director/bandleader of the music ensemble called The Bronze Band.  Accompanied by The Bronze Band, I developed a music presentation entitled “Tribute to la Musica Chicana.”  It is a performance art piece that reflects the history and influences of music by Mexican American musicians.  The work showcased in Austin, Texas at the Oswald AB Pan American Recreation Center (2018) and the Austin Central Public Library (2019).  Unfortunately, an Austin City funded performance in 2020 at the Austin Central Public Library cancelled due to the Pandemic. I recorded, performed and toured with music groups like Big Lu y Los Muchachos, Dr. Loco and the Rockin’ Jalapeno Band and The Bronze Band.


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