Robert Rivera Ojeda

Robert Rivera Ojeda on Trumpet

I am San Antonio based music composer/arranger and performance artist dedicated to the heritage and preservation of MexicanAmerican music. I am a native Texan who has recorded, toured and performed in theatre musicals and music entertainment.  I received a Bachelor’s in Community Studies and a Master’s in Education.  Fusing my educational, theatrical, musical and grass-roots organizing skills I design music performance shows that center on the importance of intergenerational and cross-cultural understanding.  



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I am a collaborating artist at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin Texas where I created the Bronze Community Band Project; a program that is free and open to the public.  The program is divided into four parts; music research, music instruction, ensemble rehearsal and performance.

I am also the artistic director/bandleader of the music ensemble The Bronze Band.  Accompanied by The Bronze Band, I develop music presentations that reflect the history and influences of music by Mexican American musicians. I orchestrate and lead musicians to interpret the musical arrangements that follow the protocols of cultural integrity in modern music presentation.

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  • Recording of Robert Ojeda and The Bronze Band from the Cd Tribute To La Musica Chicana - History and Influences of Music by Mexican American Musicians.

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