Ryan Takaba

A Relationship with Flight

I am a material artist whose sculptures, tableaux, and installations are centered around a study of scientific reason and the power of belief. I mine and explore the properties and functionality of materials to solve design problems, formal aesthetics, and conceptual stances. My interest in materials as it pertains to science, exploration of process and duration, chance and unpredictability stem from my training and education in the ceramic discipline. This methodology is the root in all conceptual explorations, where projects begin with observations of natural phenomena and then distill into concepts that can be expressed in the built environment using material properties to convey a deeper meaning. Observations then lead to research and in-depth material experiments to develop concepts. My studio often resembles a science lab where I explore and test material interactions with form. This accumulation of experimental knowledge forms a visual library in my studio, and I use this progression in completing a project.

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  • A Relationship with Flight

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