Sam Lerma

I’ve been working professionally in the TV/Film Industry since the late 1990s. I began as a narrative filmmaker, and then transitioned to a career in television news as a photographer and editor. The news taught me a lot about visual storytelling, tight deadlines, and networking. I worked in journalism, both on and off the camera for 8 years. I later made my way into education as the Director of Production at the Film School of San Antonio, and Northwest Vista respectively. I taught the fundamentals of film and television production to high school students while also doubling as an adjunct professor. I went on to teach many students that are currently working professionally in the industry. In 2015 I founded my own production company, Screenville Films. We provide full scale video production to San Antonio, and the rest of the region. We’re a collaborative company that works with other agencies and firms, and our clients range from local to national. I specialize in directing, writing, and cinematography. 


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