Sam Wilson

Artist Profile

Sam Wilson is a self taught oil painter based in San Antonio, TX whose main focus is realism. Born in 1986 originally from Wichita KS Sam was interested in art from a young age. In high school Sam took a number of art classes but his main focus was in ceramics. After high school Sam attended Butler Community College with a small scholarship for art. There he took a few design classes as well as sculpture. From there he attended The University of Kansas with a focus in Marketing Communications. After a year at KU at the age of 23 Sam took a break from university during which he painted his first oil painting under the guidance of his father, Kent Wilson. From that point on he never looked back and has since shown in a number of galleries and participated in competitions around the United States.

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Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My work is a reflection of how I perceive the world  and attempt to show a new and fresh perspective on the ordinary. Art is my way of depicting ideas through visual metaphors and creating emotion. I want to take what I love and appreciate about traditional art and put my own perspective on it. I strive to find a new angle to the old ways to give it a different feel and impact. Painting is exploration. It is watching ideas and inspiration come to life. I sometimes have snapshots of ideas in my mind and need to see how it will work as a painting. How will this piece of an idea come through in a painting? How will it evolve and shift though creation? What kind of emotional weight will it hold? This is what fascinates me about painting. It is working through the unknown and seeing where it takes me. Taking control of a painting and sometimes following the paintings lead.

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