Sarah Gonzales Busse

Sarah Gonzales Busse is a Generation X Tejana futurist, painter, printmaker, fiber artist, and mother of three based in San Antonio. A native daughter of Texas, her work is also influenced by time spent living in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Peloponnese. 

I work in print and natural dyed textile blending pattern, figures, botanical and cultural imagery. I’m drawn specifically to how women, children, and role-specific groups embody and inhabit narrative histories, cosmology patterns, sacred geometry, and cultural geographies.

My work often features women and children as primary messengers and receivers within spare or abstracted landscapes or pattern. I collect domestic textures, engage the local seasons of the natural and cultural landscape, and mine personal memory to build utopian and dystopian narratives about how we live right now, and what we accidentally or hopefully, both at once, pass along to future generations.

Coming out of the pandemic, I’ve switched to working with natural dyes and more reclaimed materials in traditional methods of print and textile works; a reaction to being an artist and mother in these times of evolving cultural narratives, performative digital living, and really dire global climate and economic uncertainties.

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  • Sunflowers on Lattice, mixed media on canvas, 24in x 36in

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