Satara Askew

Satara by Chris Stokes for the San Antonio Heron

To be candid, being a creator is my life-line. When I begin a new work it is out of the necessity to express the vast range of emotions humans feel daily, but aren’t sure how to articulate. In this way I am able to give a voice to those who feel silenced or be a warm hand for someone who wants to be understood. I feel that being a conduit is an inspiring honor to be taken seriously. While the meaning of art is subjective I personally believe anything that provokes emotion can be considered art. And while I have many more people to reach, hearing that I helped guide someone in processing their emotions in a healthy manner makes me feel a sense of purpose that cannot be replicated. That’s because a persons mental health can measure their ability to succeed to their highest potential, and everyone deserves to feel joy in such a beautiful, yet dark world we live in. Each song I’ve recorded starts from scratch as nothing, I put my soul into every step of the process until it feels right and before I know it, I’ve got something to be proud of! This process relates back to my motivation for starting music because I love seeing people bring things into fruition. There are few things more inspiring than watching someone who has struggled, someone who starts with nothing, plan and execute their passion into something tangible. Singing began as an instinct but progressed into my favorite thing about life; even in the bleakest times music gives the world.


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