Shaka Banton

Born in Texas, raised in New York where my musical journey began. Raised in the Hip Hop culture, I started to explore my ways of getting noticed in the music business. Music saved my life it gave me an open door out from the oppression in my environment. I produce my beats and the vocals unless I’m working with my team of producers like wysmaster, maxxbeats, inno adomini. Shaka Banton is a vocalist/producer and has music out right now on Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, iheartradio, MTV Italy and many more. Music brings people together and I’m glad to be a part of that world. Shaka’s style is hip hop, R&B, Soul, EDM. There are no boundaries with this artist and his love for his craft. He has a strong desire to be heard by the world. is Shaka’s main hub where his friends and fans can check out what he’s up to.


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  • The name of the song is "I believe in you" you have to stay open to believe in someone else the way you believe in your self, out now on all platforms show your support and take a listen thanks. SB

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