Shelby Henderson

Portrait of Bertha Mae Scott, in memory of her

Hello, my name is Shelby Henderson, and i’m an artist that dose digital art, and traditional art along with: acting, modeling, and some painting. I’m a 15 year old freshman with a dream to become a actor, with a side hobby of drawing. When i draw whether on paper or on my phone/ i pad, i make my day-dream’s come to life, using a realistic foundation and structure, to make a character seem alive. Though i have taken a break and made mistakes, i want to continue to improve on my crafts. Even though i draw, Acting is a way for me to experience how others feel ,and how they act in different situations. I see it like this, I’ve worked to gain many  opportunities for me to reach my dream, and with me believing in myself i will achieve it. Because i want to be great, i want to act, i want to preform, so ill continue to keep moving forward and perfect my crafts, whether its drawing, acting or modeling.

Thank you

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