Born In Southern California In 1969, I come from a large family, my mother had over 100 1st cousins, I’m the oldest grandchild and one of the only two children my mother has.  I’ve always been the entertainment industry from a small child. I could make people laugh and they always smile when they see me coming. I started my journey in professional entertainment at age 12 dancing for the Jackson 5 family charity events, then moving to Texas in High School. Breakdancing had just been introduced to Austin but had been going on in LA for years. Being a original member of  breakdance group Destiny Master Crew (DMC) one of the top Dance groups in Austin, Texas we received sponsorship from Ozarka water. Signed contract  for a summer with Tour de France cycling events throughout Texas as the entertainment for the fans . In my senior year I became a Dj formed a Group called the Gucci Crew. Deejaying  for several years before enrolling into Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute. After Graduating top 10 of my class, I went on to start a Catering company Pie Face Catering and purchased a food truck selling philly cheese steaks salads and wraps before they were popular. I have 2 adopted Boys who are both grown men now.  After selling my food truck , my youngest son and I moved to San Antonio. We stayed here 4 years before deciding on moving to Dallas where I began Talent Beyond Belief. I started making video’s as a promotional tool for local artist and businesses. One day someone 

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  1. I'm a Visual Artist at the moment. I believe a True Artist just loves to be engulfed in creativity. I could never be in a position were I'm not being creative. At church I'm the Music/ Media director, It brings me so much Joy to be creative while giving back. My Style and approach is like my name Talent Beyond Belief , it's unique but very appropriate. Due to my multiple Talents I find myself preforming them all at once on several occasions, never had to breakdance while cooking but its not far fetched. I've Catered, Filmed ,took photos and of course had an opportunity to make them laugh all at one event. My subject is mostly the music, I film, Write, Edit and Cook all to and for the music. I guess my theme is more Hip Hop Culture related.

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