Simon Saleh

Simon Saleh taking a break at the studio

       My first love is metal sculpting. I love all things that are interesting and beautiful in nature and try to mimic shapes colors and forms that grab my attention. I also find beauty in human evidence of worn and abused machinery and mechanical objects where they overlap with new growth in nature. My interest in the inventive nature of people and the resilience of nature how it is unimaginably more powerful than our greatest efforts.

       When I am not working on my own sculptures I fabricate and design for other 2D and 3D artists. I build public art projects for artists and deliver and install to any extent needed. I also do commissioned pieces. I love this city and all of its glorious foods arts and cultures and different flavored neighborhoods throughout. It always surprises me at how a little bit of San Antonio sneaks into each piece of work more as the years go by.

I also offer Statue and sculpture restoration and conservation services including patina work, welding bronze, stainless steel, brass, steel, copper. I can help with pretty much any art related need or service.

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