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A a small town girl with the soul of an artist, I am drawn to the vibrant energy of the city. My goal is to use my artistic gifts to create paintings that are both evocative and powerful, capturing the beauty and essence of the female form in all its diversity. With bold brushstrokes and a minimalistic approach, I strive to create works that are both simple and striking, inviting you to see the world through my eyes and to be moved by the raw emotion that I pour into each piece.

As a visual artist, I am driven by a passion for creating works that speak to the deepest parts of the human spirit. My artworks are infused with themes of peace, abstract color, and allure, inviting you to experience a sense of calm, tranquility, and acceptance. Through my art, I seek to inspire and move people in profound ways, using the power of color and form to promote peace and understanding. Each piece is a testament to the transformative power of art to connect us to something greater than ourselves, and to awaken within us a sense of wonder and possibility.


I am constantly exploring the relationship between my body and my art. My love-hate relationship with my body has been a source of both struggle and inspiration, and through my art, I seek to celebrate and honor the unique beauty of the female form. By using my own body on a canvas, I strive to capture the balance of light and dark, the interplay of sexy and elegant, and the many facets of the human experience.

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My artwork is a window into the soul, a reflection of the human experience. Let it speak to you, guide you, and inspire you on your own journey of self-discovery and growth.


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