Stephanie Aguilar

Stephanie started her art career with an Associate of Art degree from San Antonio College. Years later, she has been published in online magazines, has paintings displayed at Brushworks Studio and Gallery, curates vendors for Chico’s Coffee Shack, and sells her art at pop up events.

She enjoys exploring San Antonio and finds hidden, unexpected beauty in her adventures. She also uses floral art to represent various medical and mental health conditions to build awareness and provide comfort.

Although her preference is oil paints and charcoal pencil, she is proficient in the following media:

  • watercolor paint
  • acrylic paint
  • oil paint
  • alcohol ink
  • prisma pencil
  • charcoal pencil
  • oil and chalk pastel
  • scratchboard
  • photography

Stephanie volunteers as a mentor in collaboration with Brushworks Studio and Gallery, and has donated some of her work to the Windcrest Fire Department and the University Health System numerous times. 

We grow by lifting other’s up. As artists grow, they can encourage new artists. We all have something to offer


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