Stephanie Juarez

Art has been my escape and my therapy.  I could tell you about a little girl who started designing clothes as a child or about my college experience where I learned to hone my photography skills but the better story is how my art defines me, defines us all.

Humanness inspires me.  Womanhood inspires me.  Life and the challenges and victories it brings are beautiful and brilliant and sad at times.  Who are we if we aren’t a complex being full of these intense emotions? Hopefully my artwork takes you to those places inside yourself, places of deep emotion where we learn more about ourselves and each other.

I have spent my life exploring different ways to express myself and I’ve come to a place where I’m exploring my roots and back to working with textiles to tell a story.  Much of our identity is wrapped up in our appearance and the clothes we wear tell others so much about who we are.  I make wearable art, well, somewhat wearable and sometimes I photograph it as well.  But it’s important that my garments still tell you a story and for a moment be your escape and maybe your therapy as they are mine.


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