Tamara Adira De Saa

Photography by Fabian Alejandro Diaz, Styling by Zachry Smith

“Always remembering the masters of flamenco, Adira keeps a keen eye to the future. Bridging both the traditional and the new school, Adira proves to be one of the most creative visions in the South Texas flamenco scene.” – The Rivard Report

Tamara Adira is a dancer, choreographer, and founder/ Artistic Director of Arte y Pasión, a Texas based nonprofit company whose mission is to share, promote and develop the authentic art of flamenco as a vehicle of healing and restoration, and the promotion of human rights and equality.

Tamara has conceived, produced and performed artistic direction for over 30 theatrical flamenco productions between 2010 and the present. In 2010 Tamara founded Arte y Pasión, and in 2021 Tamara made Arte y Pasión a Texas Non-Profit.

Through Arte y Pasión, Tamara Adira has nurtured the connection between San Antonio and Spain for over a decade. Through Tamara’s efforts and dedication, Arte y Pasión has brought flamenco artists from Spain to work with American artists since before 2010, fostering the continued growth and evolution of the art of flamenco in San Antonio and greater Texas.

For her work for social justice, Tamara was recently featured in “Valiant Women Then and Now,” a photo exhibit and biography celebrating women, inspired by the book “Revolutionary Women of Texas and Mexico: Portraits of Soldaderas, Saints, and Subversives.”  She has been featured in SA Monthly Magazine and San Antonio Woman and was recognized by Eleanora ... view more »

Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My work is grounded in the Jewish philosophy of "Tikkun Olam," which means "Heal the World."  Through my work, I focus on the restoration of the individual and the defense of human peace and dignity.  My music, dance and art is my way to provide healing and restoration. 

I start by healing myself, in my studio practicing or trying to move my body in different ways, or thinking through a storyline of a project I'm creating.  When I work with collaborating artists, the circle of healing widens as each of us brings our healing gifts to bear. As the project matures and we come to understand our project as a group, the body of the work takes a life of its own. The work expands and resonates, thus engaging the process of healing from us to our audiences.

In my work I start with flamenco, my primary form of expression. I explore the realm of the fine and theatrical arts, using multimedia, performance art and spoken word to engage specific subject matter and augment the message of the work. 


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  • Photography by Timo Nuñez


  • Selected Moments, Tamara Adira POR MARTINETE “MERCURIA” 2023rnCAROUSEL “11 Reflections” 2021ABANDOLAOS “MERCURIA” 2023 Por siguiriya “estrellas” 2017 POR MARTINETE “AGUITAS” 2018“RAIN” WITH POET LAUREATE ANDREA VOCAB SANDERSON 2020 Fortune Teller “Don Quixote” with Ballet San Antonio 2022

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