Terry French

Cryptovember NFT Project

Art is my first language. 

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Hi, art is my first language. As we all know language is a form of communication and communication is very important to life. The bible tells us that God soon after hovering over the surface of the waters, communicated "Let there be light." My work style, approach and philosophy is very much the same. A balance of light and dark. Recently I discovered and learned how to use generative art with ai tools. There are many forms of ai-generated art such as literature, graphics, photos, music, voice, various sounds and animations. I also started a artificial intelligence company that will someday change make the world a better place. In my experience ai-generated art doesn't produce work at the same level as an person. Just like a person ai generated has its own set of flaws. Problems such as ai-hands in generated art, digital pitches in generated voices, expensive processing power, the digital divide or just completely wrong exist for the foreseeable future of ai. In conclusion when working during the lone hours it can serves as fun assistant that can help make production more creative and efficient. 


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  • Self Portrait, Oil on canvas

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