Uncle Brent & the NoStone

Uncle Brent & the NoStone is a band with a focus on tracing the steps of some of the most iconic chapters of American music. Their sound sets the bar higher in terms of sound and production quality, bringing some warmth to their music and performances. The project is the brainchild of Uncle Brent, who was born and raised in Texas. He loves to come up with tunes that are honest and personal, with a particular focus on storytelling. His music is not just entertainment, but a true example of what it is like to sing and play from the heart. Along with his band, he is able to create a diverse and passionate sound, tipping the hat off to iconic artists the likes of Tom Petty, The Refreshments, Sam Kinison, Jason Isbell, and Dudley Moore, only to mention a few.

Uncle Brent is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP.)

Endorsements by Mythic Guitar Company and Nicola Brand Strings.

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  • This video contains press quotes and LIVE footage of Uncle Brent & the NoStone @ the Saxon Pub in Austin, TX. The songs featured in the video and can be download on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.com. www.NoStoneMusicBand.com | www.UncleBrentMusic.com Forget U: Work ID: 892750895 Monkey Road: Work ID: 892750847 Tequila Nights: Work ID: 897463655

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