Usha Bulusu

Usha Bulusu is a certified Zumba teacher and Classical Bharatnatyam (Indian classical dance) teacher for 10 years. She helps co-teach classes for Kaveri Natya Yoga in San Antonio. She is the primary teacher at Corpus Christi for the last three years and also has started teaching students in San Antonio. Dance has been at the heart of Usha’s personal and professional life for many years. Usha makes dance accessible to wider audiences while exploring her love for choreography. Bharatanatyam is close to her heart because of the deep significance of its music and poetry. Usha often coordinates and performs lecture demonstrations pro bono in the San Antonio-Austin area and brings Bharatanatyam to new communities, such as through performances at libraries, and other public places. One of her students had their Arangetram in Corpus Christi. She undergone intense training under few teachers.


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