Valentina Ortiz

NYDG Collection

I am a multicultural Italo-American-Mexican designer. I’ve found that being in-between multiple cultures will always influence me and my work. I was born in Italy and moved to the United States the year I was born. I lived in San Antonio, Texas up until I graduated High School. However, I spent every single summer in Italy. Any other vacation time during the year I visited my father’s family in Mexico in Leon. My life always felt unstable compared to everyone. As I matured, my perspective changed. I became fascinated by “the odd one out” as often I never truly fit in. In Italy I was “American” and in the United States I was “Italian.” After Graduating High School in a fashion magnet program, I moved to Florence where I completed my undergraduate fashion design course at Polimoda. Afterwards, I moved Back to the United States at the beginning of the pandemic and then moved back to Florence to complete the ITS MITA “Bag Industry Under Innovation Quality Excellence” technical course. I interned in Padua, Florence and Prato. Despite the chaos in my life, I never allowed it to be my weakness. Instead it has been a true miracle and one of my greatest strengths. I’ve had the fortune of knowing all my cultures intimately and found the bright side in a multifaceted life. It has taught me to open up and see the possibility of beauty within almost everything. This mentality has shown me flexibility and to see the world’s accepting and sublime qualities.


Artist Statement of Work

Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My work is wearable art. I strive to create fashion that reminds people of the foundation of fashion which is art. As a designer one of my core values is inclusion. I am a plus size woman in the fashion industry. It is important to me to see and show the world the change we all desperately need in Fashion. My design focus is in upcycling which has been my latest inspiration. My work challenges common notions about fashion and art today and makes us question them as well. My art shows people the potential in all things we are taught to disregard and playfully challenges us to shift our mindset and perspective to a higher vibration and greater positivity. My philosophy is about opening up our minds to truly appreciate the power of transformation and its ability to fuel our creativity.


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  • Sunflowers on Lattice, mixed media on canvas, 24in x 36in

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