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Victorya Ross Live at The Starlighter

My name is Victorya Ross (yes, that’s really how it’s spelled). At the very core of who I am is an artist who comes alive in all areas of performance. From dancing and singing, to acting, I’ve loved to entertain from a very young age. I started performing publicly at the age of 10, which often consisted of singing for the locals and tourists who’d flood downtown San Antonio. I am a proud Chicana, who’s been singing mariachi music, and dancing for over a decade. I recently graduated from an acting conservatory to study film and stage, and be a part of multiple productions. I’ve also recently graduated cosmetology school, and am working as a hair stylist in town when I’m not performing with my cover band, The Hitz.

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I am an avid performer who comes alive on stage. I am heavily influenced by a variety of styles in music and performance, including; rock, disco, cumbia, r&b, and pop. At the same time I am heavily influenced by my surroundings and my culture growing up and actively performing in San Antonio. My artistic approach is very performance driven. Performing is where I feel like I can truly be my self, and at the same time, allow other people to connect with a part of themselves that they don't, on a daily basis. I believe that as artists, we should never stop chasing after the things we are passionate about because they aren't going anywhere. Whether it's in small or large doses, we need to continue to chase our passions because they never die, but if we never chase them, a part of our soul dies. The theme of my artistry is to not give up on yourself. Whether it's picking up a guitar everyday for thirty minutes, or playing catch with your kid in the backyard, always pursue the things that feed your soul.

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