Violeta De Leon Davila

There is always a way to add movement to you project or idea!

Avid learner and explorer through dance movement, choreography and the new. Passionate in portraying and communicating through dance and performance to the community, with the hope that it will resonate beyond one moment.

Advocate of the ‘ecology of culture’ perspective, where there is an unavoidable responsibility of thinking which and how the community is benefiting from every action/creation and what and how we as artists are actively creating access to it and building a relationship with the audience, without neglecting the boundaries planet earth is signaling us.  Everything and everyone was, is and will be connected and affected by our overall actions.

Featured Artist for Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival 2021 and was awarded an artist grant from Luminaria Artist Foundation Cycle 2020. Teaching Modern Dance with passion for more than a decade. Winner of the 2004 Contemporary Dance Choreography Contest of Northern México, and is the founder of the professional independent group, Pies Descalzos (“Bare Feet”) in Monterrey, México.

A native of Monterrey, México; graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Performing Contemporary Dance from Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey, a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León and currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Administration. She is married, and the mother of two young boys.

Culturally Specific Art Category

Select Culturally Specific Art Category:: Latino/a Art


  • Luminaria Featured Artist 2021


  • Work Sample #2\" \"Some Terrible Ghosts\" (\"Algunos Fantasmas Terribles\") Winner of the 2004 Contemporary Dance Choreography Contest of Northern Mexico.

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