Wardell Picquet

Wardell Picquet is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Wardell graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana under the tutelage of the late John T. Scott. Picquet, along with two partners, established REDDOT, a Visual Arts Magazine in 2001. He worked in the New Orleans Public Schools system teaching Art to grades Pre-K to 6 and Special Ed and Graphic Design to high schoolers. Wardell has lived in San Antonio, Texas since 2005. Here in San Antonio he has worked with StoneMetal Press Printmaking Center and worked as an Art Instructor for the 21st Century Program under the Carver Community Cultural Center. He has spent time as a member of Art Groups such as SAVA (San Antonio Visual Artists), SAEAS (San Antonio Ethnic Arts Society), Msanii Afro Centric Artist Collective, Gevers Street Studio and Art at the Jalapeno. Wardell Picquet worked for ten years as a Full-time Graphic Design Instructor at Sanford Brown College – San Antonio. He has also taught Art workshops for the Education Department of the McNay Art Museum and Inspire Fine Art Community Center. Picquet has spent time as a Board member of the Carver. Wardell also handled the Design and Marketing interests of the Event Committee of the Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves as the Curator and Arts Community Liaison for SAEAS and has volunteered for the Communications/Public Relations Committee of SAAACAM (San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum).

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