Wilfred H Shipley

Wilfred H Shipley was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León México. He is an accomplished filmmaker headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, boasting a distinguished career spanning over two decades. With expertise encompassing writing, directing, cinematography, producing, and editing across a diverse array of film genres and budgetary scopes, he operates a thriving production enterprise known as One Creative.

His primary focus lies on personal narrative projects—both feature-length and short films—alongside product videos/commercials and short-form documentaries.

In 2018, Wilfred H Shipley received the San Antonio Grant, a pivotal opportunity that empowered him to helm his inaugural feature film, “The Good Wolf,” executed within a total budget of only 10k. Garnering acclaim, the film secured several prestigious accolades, notably earning the distinction of “Best Texas Feature Film” at the esteemed Austin Screen film awards. Additionally, Wilfred H Shipley was honored with an award for “Best Feature Film” at the Khnab Film Festival and awarded “Best San Antonio Filmmaker” at the San Antonio Film Festival.

While professionally engaged as a Multimedia Production Specialist for a Fortune 35 company, Wilfred H Shipley dedicates his leisure to the art of screenwriting and nurturing personal passion projects. Despite his appreciation for recognition and awards, as a self-taught filmmaker, his devotion to the craft remains steadfastly rooted in an unwavering love for the art form ... view more »


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