Yana Lakova

River Walk (San Antonio, TX)

My name is Yana, originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. Lived in different parts of US for the last decade.

Always loved painting and studied art in my teenage years with the intention to become an Architect. My life took a different turn and I grew a career in a technical field. A few years ago I decided to restart my artistic endeavors and to really make something out of them.

Currently selling original art on Etsy, Facebook and through networking.

I hope you enjoy my work. Cheers!

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Tell us about your work (style, approach, philosophy, subject and/or theme):

My art is abstract. I paint different ideas that come to my mind - events, people, places. I like to play with colors, the texture of the untreated canvas, symbols and metallic paint. I like how the light reflects the metallic paint and the picture looks different from different angle. I also like to use mixed media - beads, cords, wires. It depends on the project. Most paintings are large format  min 4' by 4' up to  4' by 8'.

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