Zachariah Williams


At the age 5, I started experimenting with environmental art.  At the age of 9 and10, I expressed deep affection for manga art. I would draw Manga daily. In between my manga art, I would sample with impressonistic art. Between the ages of 12 to 14, I started adapting towards manga art and perfecting my style. From the ages of 14 to 19, I started expanding my passion for manga and exiremental art, and intergrading my own style of the art form. From the ages of 19 to 21, I started studying and researching more about the manga art style; along with my own art style. For example:  such as doll models, differnt types of paper work that worked best for me, various art intsruments, different poses and movement of art. It has been an educational journey and I do not have any formal training.  From the age of 21 till now, I’ve dedicated myself to my own style of artwork as well as studying various other styles of artwork. I am still advancing and perfecting my own personal style of manga art, representational art, and impressionistic art.

Artist Statement of Work

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The title of the piece is "HUSTLE".  I wanted to display a man who knows that the weather is going to get worse later in the day but he rises to the occasion and decides to, "dress to the nines".  It comes from a working man's view of how we can face the day. I added the various colors to display the various texts going on inside of the man's mind while going to work, or going through his walk to work or his "HUSTLE". While holding his hat, he's also viewing others and his environment increasing his drive to get the job done, seeing the potential of the day.

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Select Culturally Specific Art Category:: African American/Black Art

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