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Slam the Town

Presented by Sponsored by Jim LaVilla-Havelin, Coordinator, NPMSA23 at City-Wide

Apr 01 2023
Slam the Town

Your own poem or a poem you love – copies paper or on the internet – spread widely. Share poetry throughout the city. On all poems note – SLAM THE TOWN / National Poetry Month in San Antonio 2023 #NPMSA23

A DIY Poetry Event for Everyone, working to get poetry into as many hands and ears and hearts and minds as possible. Email, mail, hand out, give strangers copies of poems - your own, poems by others - and encourage everyone to do the same. (With copyrighted materials note the source - poet/book/publisher/date) On every poem you circulate, Include - SLAM THE TOWN/NATIONAL POETRY MONTH IN SAN ANTONIO 2023! PASS IT ON!

#NPMSA2023 #GetCreativeSA