New Public Art

Exciting new pieces added to the City of San Antonio’s Public Art collection.

Bloom Across the City

The Department of Arts & Culture has been working closely with the Parks & Rec Department to enhance local parks and greenways with public art. The Linear Creekway System Strategy goal is to increase neighborhood connectivity, create a visual identity for the Linear Creeks, and to place more art on Greenway Trails. 


One of those public art projects within the Linear Creekways System Strategy is to expand the “Bloom” series by San Antonio artist Leticia Huerta.


Given the positive reception of the original installation at Mud Creek in McAllister Park, the strategy for growing the series to a system-wide concept was presented and approved by the city’s Public Art Committee and San Antonio Arts Commission in June 2019.


The sculptures are series a wildflowers created from elements that up close resemble larger-than-life bicycle parts. The artwork takes inspiration from trail users and the native wildflowers nearby. The surrounding area has been shaped by years of flooding which has created a rough terrain ideal for hikers and mountain bikers. Silver rings are placed on the flower stems to indicate various flood level at each site.


  1. River Walk Public Art Garden – Spring 2021

  2. Apache Creek / Brazos Pocket Park – Spring 2021

  3. Salado Creek / Eisenhower Park – Spring 2021

  4. Southside Lions – Fall 2021

  5. Alazan Creek / Farias Park – Spring 2022

  6. Tezel Road Facility – Summer 2022

Door of Equality

The “Door of Equality (La Puerta de Igualdad)” is now a permanent addition to the San Antonio public art scene. This is the latest gateway sculpture by the artist Sebastian and is a gift to the City of San Antonio from Fundación Sebastian and Siempre México to commemorate the city’s rich civil and human rights history. The sculpture stands at a monumental 33-feet tall and is a bright cobalt blue, adding more even more color to the already vibrant downtown skyline.

The “Door of Equality” is located in the center of the San Pedro roundabout, a block north of San Antonio Central Library, which is an award-winning post-modern architectural building designed by renowned Mexican architect, Ricardo Legorreta.

The sculpture symbolizes the infinite struggle for justice with two, tightly wound, geometric pillars that stand side by side. The sculpture is lit from within, marking the first time the artist incorporates light into his work and giving off a perpetual glow that speaks to the fire and energy surrounding the City’s tenacious history. Set as a gateway between downtown and other areas of the City, the sculpture symbolizes that San Antonio’s door is always open.

The torqued twisted steel columns showcase the grind of the work done by human rights champions in San Antonio. These pillars are equal in strength and beauty representing the vision of equality. Each column is royal blue, with the first representing peace, tranquility and wisdom and the second column standing for loyalty, strength, and trust.