Adel Hernandez/ Center for Movement and Performance Research

Adel Hernandez/ Center for Movement and Performance Research

About the Director:

Adel Hernandez is a Queer Tejanx-Chicanx dance and performance artist. They use movement from the hips— to the chest— and throughout the limbs, isolation, and delays of movement exploring and responding to our cultural terrain. The movement-based work produced comes from their ancestors and their queerness. They make work that tells stories of liminal beings and landscapes through contemporary dance and performance art.


CMPR- Center for Movement and Performance Research

Is a performance laboratory space in which the artist engages with the space, and architecture of its walls, and ghosts towards an installation movement performance piece.


What is ancestry in the aesthetics of my explored movements? We ask the artist to work and interact with this question while experimenting with contemporary and conceptual art through movement.


Movement: Movement is in response to the physical reaction within our cultural terrain. Movement through the physical is explored through the artists’ genealogical stories of what makes them whole; mind, body, and spirit. Through movement research– be it improvisation, modern dance, post-modern dance, contemporary styles; the artist participates in their own techniques of their bodies. We foster a free thinking platform that decolonizes the traditional formations of dance.


Performance: What is performance?

Performance is what we do. To walk, run, or dance. Rituals. Drama. Theater. Performance is polit ... view more »



  • Created and performed by Adel Hernandez and Diego Saldaña. Kraine Theater, September 23, 2016 Adel Hernandez DreamLand (2016) excerpt of performance DreamLand is a space where two bodies and ideas improvise a way to be together, defy borders and ideologies of borders. Set to the sounds of the environment where we perform, DreamLand is also where intimacies of togetherness happen. The performance was created based on José Esteban Muñoz’s seminal “Ephemera as Evidence” during our time at NYU, which was debuted September 23, 2016 at The Kraine Theater in New York City. We were deeply moved by Muñoz’s work that we took to action in creating a work of and about queerness, and what it means to be together in a time when hope is needed more than ever, to love, and to share space. As artists’ that share a work of a utopian ideas, we hold the space of this performance as us, Latinx artists’ connected. DreamLand is not just a performance in and of itself, it is also a praxis of hope and futurity. Adel Hernandez is a Queer Chicanx dance and performance artist. He has performed works at Kraine Theater, Dixon Place Theater, NYU 80WSE Gallery, and Gibney Dance Center in New York City, New Mexico University for the American College Dance Festival, and in San Antonio, Texas at Jump-Start Theater and at Northwest Vista College. Adel has also performed in the works by Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble, Movement Research Artists’ David Thomson and Joanna Kotze at The New School, and in San Antonio, Texas for He holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU and a BA in Theater and The Arts concentrating in Dance at The New School. Diego Cristian Saldaña is a musician, performer, playwright and writer from Mexico City. He has an MA in Performance Studies from NYU and a BA in Dramatic Literature and Theater from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His pieces have been performed at Playwrights Week, National Theater Showcase (MNT) and National Arts Encounter (ENARTES). He has recorded three albums with Bifurcata and Sí Nena No. In 2010 he created the literary web project “Soundtrack Invisible,” which was performed as a live concert at Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC). In 2019 he received the National Young Literature Award “José Revueltas” (Tierra Adentro, CONACULTA) for his novel “Tiene la noche un árbol”.

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