Cadillac Muzik

Cadillac Muzik

Cadillac Muzik is an American Psychedelic Soul/Funk & Alternative Hip Hop band from San Antonio, Texas which specializes in music producing, live performance, & songwriting. The band is composed of San Antonio-based artists Beseja “CaddyMack” Moses and Scott “DaddyDvil” Campbell.[1][2] Cadillac Muzik was inspired by Moses’ uncle Jimmy Sampson, who was a member of the internationally known Ohio Players. The collective sees themselves as modern-day leaders of new age soul, blazing a trail for new independent funk & soul music creatives to be recognized.[3] Raised on the east and west side of San Antonio, Moses and Campbell got their start rapping with family members in the group THK (Texas Hard Knocks) in 2003 until ultimately finding their Southern hip-hop soul sound in 2010. Releasing a staggering 18 albums, EP’s and singles since 2012, Cadillac Muzik has most notably secured coveted spots on Billboard’s R&B charts, which isn’t exactly an easy task for an independent band.[4] Cadillac Muzik is one of San Antonio’s most powerful black artists. Their music has played a major role in shaping the city’s sound.[5]


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