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Noel Gamez


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   117 Loretta Pl, San Antonio, TX, 78210

The Guitarron is an intrinsic element of an authentic Mariachi ensemble, which makes Noel Gamez an integral member of Mariachi Los Galleros. His Mariachi education did not begin on the Guitarron, however. Gamez started on violin in 6th grade, but after a year, took up the Guitarron and has amassed over 25 years experience as a mariachi musician. Gamez credits his grandfather Chavel Cavazos, South Texas Conjunto celebrity, with inspiring him to pursue a career in music. Gamez also plays the guitar and the Vihuela. Among Noel Gamez’s accomplishments is touring with Manuel Vargas, formerly of Mariachi Vargas, accompanying Pablo Montero through out the US. Another feature in Noel’s Mariachi experience is touring the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Throughout his Mariachi journey, Gamez has been an accomplished performer, instructor and studio professional. Although a musician for over 2 decades, Gamez continues to sharpen his technique and sound and aspires to record a Christian Mariachi CD in the near future.