Jennifer Khoshbin

Jennifer Khoshbin



   523 W Agarita Ave, San Antonio, TX, 78212

Artist Jennifer Khoshbin has successfully created artworks that range in size from art-for-your-pocket to large scale public art, all intended to thoughtfully impact the viewer in a variety of different locations and in complex design contexts. Her strength lies in her attention to detail and consideration of the site for the benefit of the intended community. Khoshbin’s works are intended for their broad appeal, an audience of all ages, interests, cultures, and economic backgrounds. The guiding inspiration in all Khoshbin’s artwork is twofold - craftsmanship and inclusivity. Jennifer's work display a high level of artistry, knowledge, and craftsmanship, as well as a respect for the diversity of the site. In addition to the traditional gallery settings, much of her work is dedicated to bringing art into the community. Born in Philadelphia, Khoshbin was exposed to art at an early age. Both her grandfather and uncle are master carpenters; her mother is a ceramic artist; her brother a curator; and her sister is a new media artist. Khoshbin is a San Antonio artist and curator, having exhibited in galleries, museums, and public spaces throughout the United States. Her work has been published and written about widely, including: Newsweek, Readymade, House Beautiful, Glamour, HGTV, and published in six different art and craft books. In addition to her work’s emphasis on high quality and attention to detail, Khoshbin’s strength lies in her inclusive community building