Noah Leyja

Noah Leyja

Media/Visual Communications - New Media/Technology - Producer - DJ


   230 Maplewood Ln, San Antonio, TX, 78216

High Vibe cuts thru the noise and gets straight to the music. Based in Texas, High Vibe began booking shows in 2017. As music lovers, immersed in music, the artists High Vibe’s platform brings to the stage spans across all genres. One thing you can count on is good energy and striking imagery, which grabs hold of your attention, whether it’s the art for their upcoming show or people dancing throughout the night covered in the flashing lights on the dance floor.

With High Vibe Radio via Soundcloud reaching thousands of listeners daily, the artists are what drives this music platform. Now with High Vibe Records coming into the picture, High Vibe is looking to solidify its place in the hierarchy of music taste makers not just in Texas, but on the map.