Brandon Pittman

Brandon Pittman


   307 W. Mistletoe Apartment 109, San Antonio, TX, 78212

My name is Brandon Pittman and I am the creator, host, composer, and showrunner of local webseries "Powdered Wig Machine". After years of floating through the music and art scenes of San Antonio, I was inspired to create a talk show which raises awareness for local artists and small businesses in town. "Powdered Wig Machine" exists somewhere between short art films and offbeat comedies wherein a real conversation will inevitably be swallowed by the fantasy afoot.

Along my strange journeys within this vehicle of expression, I have interviewed local and modern day mystics that identify as: visual artists, exotic dancers, cosplayers, teachers, drag queens, musicians, Rocky Horror shadow cast members, bartenders, and tattoo artists. Being the showrunner, I band together people on the fringes of our local art and LQBTQIA+ scenes to work together in creating each episode.