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   1406 NW 24th Street, San Antonio, TX, 78207

I was born and raised in San Antonio. In the westside barrio and I say that with pride. To me the westside is a huge part of the Mexican culture with it's rich history. I grew up fascinated with all the murals I would pass while riding my bike as a kid. I've always admired the creativity of my people and the messages they conveyed through art. That inspired me to draw from the heart and create art for my community. Gemini Vato was born.  Many of the subjects I depict in my illustrations are things I grew up on. Tamales, crispy dogs, hill country fare foods from H-E-B, nostalgic San Antonio food restaurants such as The Malt House but in my chicano arte style. It's puro San Anto. I'm inspired by this city and all it's beauty. From the cultura to the people. There's no other place I'd rather be.

My art is a legacy that my sons are proud of now and for the future. 

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