Nain Leon

Nain Leon

Multi-Disciplinary - Multiple Art Forms - Performance Art - Photographer - Visual Arts - Digital Artist, Installation, video



   1716 N Olive st #2, San Antonio, TX, 78208

Nain Leon is a multidisciplinary artist, who was born in Mexico City , and currently lives in the city of San Antonio, Texas. His work focuses on photography, installation and video.

His pieces show characters who confront our reality as a society. The topics he addresses are: consumerism in society, technological alienation, social inclusion, human indifference, emotional abuse, his own experiences and diverse dreams.

His work has been published in different magazines and websites such as: FAHRENHEIT MAGAZINE (Mexico), 500PX (Canada), GET INSPIRED (Holland), PHOTOVOGUE (Italy).

Leon has been exhibited in Mexico, Canada and the United States