Stevan Zivadinovic

Stevan Zivadinovic


   414 Vanderbilt St, San Antonio, TX, 78210

My primary responsibility as an artist is to tell tales from the shallows beyond the possible.

Art is alchemy. We take base material and cast spells on it. By force of character, we assemble and reassemble pieces of the world, cast light on them, interpret them, reinterpret them—and what comes out on the other end is consciousness manifested.

Art is the conversation between the world and its many always renewing perspectives. Art is the fundamental process that through metaphor and playfulness brought about language. Art is a popular vice. Art is divination.

But art is also technology. Art is when tools serious people developed for serious ends are willfully frivolously misapplied. Perpetually tamed by the marketplace, art is always running away, teetering on being out of control.

Our ancestors knew this power—there was no difference between art and the sacred—but modern world has caged it up.

I live for using this primal power to create carnivals and chapels where the world can engage in the holy rite of art, and be shaken.