Twyla Arthur

Twyla Arthur

Ceramist - Constructions/Collage - Mosaics Artist - Muralist - Sculptor - Teaching Artist/Instructor - Visual Arts - Assemblage, furniture design/fabrication (ferro-cement, mosaic, pebble, tile, metal)



   345 Westminster Ave., San Antonio, TX, 78228

Most of my mosaics are site specific, permanent installations, as much a part of the architecture or landscape as an embellishment. I create art that is sometimes functional and always respectful of its environment. I trained in fine arts at Mills College in Oakland, California, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. I began my site specific mosaic work in the San Francisco Bay Area. My Bay Area client list includes: the University of California at Berkeley, the Bank of America, the city of Dublin, California. Since moving to Texas, I have completed several projects for the city of San Antonio and the Palmer Events Center and Springdale Park projects for the city of Austin.

My public work has involved working with a variety of entities, including neighborhood associations and other stakeholders, public art programs, public works departments, the Union Pacific Railroad, architects, engineers, landscape architects, contractors and sub- contractors. In San Antonio, the process often involves the Historic Design and Review Commission as well as community groups, the Public Art Panel and City Council. Several of my projects have involved working with students from neighborhood schools. My design process begins with gathering all the information about the project and its relationship to the community through available materials, the design team and research. This knowledge informs my design and material selection.

I am interested in materials - how they are combined and what they can say about an idea or location. I use them to evoke a feeling, a memory or to paint a picture. I work with ceramic, glass, stone and rocks. I like man made salvage materials as well – materials that show natures effects on man’s efforts, worn and washed by wave or wind or time. I love the idea of combining sculpture with landscape materials or using found objects as artifacts that connect the past with the present. If you look at my work you will see I am more of a symbolist than a realist. Qualities I try to achieve in my work: strong images or forms that have visual impact, elements or objects to discover on closer examination, mystery and/or whimsey.