Miriam Ramirez

Miriam Ramirez



   12111 Wright Patterson St, San Antonio, TX, 78233

My name is Miriam Ramirez, native of Guatemala City. I am first generation immigrant female to obtain an education and I am currently in pursue of PhD in Cultural Diversity. I am a 52 year old wife, mother, Christian Minister and enjoy being involved in community events. I hold a MA in Mental Health Counseling and offer free counseling session to the community. I found art to be the best outlet for my diverse line of duties and I have enjoyed this artistic journey that brings healing, peace, relaxation and let us not denied it...it serves as extra financial resource. I began my art journey January of 2014 after having received a 30-minute class at a local store in which the instructor showed me not to fear art and use it to express my thoughts, emotions and to have fun.  This is what began a deep search through YouTube and different images. I have practice and continue to practice until I reach a mastery level in art. Meanwhile, through art I want to share the joy and peace of God as all of us process a diversity of emotions and simply have fun and enjoy God's gift in my life. I currently work with Alcohol Ink, Acrylic and Resin in all paintable surfaces. I thank God for this opportunity and look forward to sharing this journey with you.