Jason Futrell

Jason Futrell

Actor - Composer - Craftsperson - Director - Filmmaker - Maker - Media Arts - Mixed Media Artist - Multi-Disciplinary - Multiple Art Forms - Musician - Other - Performance Art - Performer and Writer - Performing Arts - Photographer - Storyteller - Visual Arts - Vocalist/Singer - Voiceover - Puppeteer


Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeHHagn0HeY0JbW9M5A3CeQ/featured

   7030 Ravensdale, San Antonio, TX, 78250

Jason Futrell is a puppeteer, puppet maker, filmmaker, musician, and jack-of-all-trades who lives and works in San Antonio, TX along with his wife, Selina.  He plays with most puppet media and uses puppetry to tell stories in film.  He dabbles in many artistic media and strives to learn more each day.