Santiago Hernandez

Santiago Hernandez



   8703 Adams Hill Drive, San Antonio, TX, 78227

My name is Santiago "Diego" Hernandez. I was born and raised on the West side of San Antonio, Texas. I enjoy all things Texas and love my home. I am an amateur photographer looking for ways to not only expand my portfolio and feed my passion in photography, but to also bring joy in peoples lives through capturing important moments.

I have a degree in Political Science and Communication from Wheaton College, a college that is a 30 minute train ride outside Chicago. I am studying what I love with people I love. However, while being a recent graduate money can be slim. With each shoot, you help me tremendously. So thank you so much for your consideration!

When I am not busy you will often find me in downtown Chicago or San Antonio taking pictures, fishing, drawing, painting, or listening to my old music. My first love in photography was buildings and architecture. There is something about buildings that I just love, the aesthetic, the shape, the mood. However, portraits and actions shots opened me to a whole new world of taking pictures. The feeling of having the ability to preserve a memory beyond the human mind is beautiful.

I hope that as you browse, you will see the types of photos, vibes, and styles you are looking for.