Lyn Belisle

Lyn Belisle

Ceramist - Mixed Media Artist - Textiles - Encaustics


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   701 E Contour Drive, San Antonio, TX, 78204

Shards, Relics, and Beeswax

My work has always been strongly influenced by the idea of “shards” as a metaphor for human communication across time. A shard can be a found fragment of clay, a rusty nail, a scrap of handwriting – any little clue that becomes a “secret handshake” between the maker and the discoverer.

For decades I’ve worked with clay, fiber, beeswax, and paper in assemblage and collage to express this non-verbal time-circle connection.

I teach mixed-media workshops at Lyn Belisle Studio in San Antonio which I founded in January of 2013. I also teach nationally, most recently in Taos and Santa Fe NM,  Provincetown, and Washington State.

My work is in regional and national galleries and collections and includes large-scale origami constructions, encaustic photocollages, mixed-media acrylic paintings, fiber art and earthenware.