Stephanie Aguilar

Stephanie Aguilar


   10410 Perrin Beitel Road, San Antonio, TX, 78284

Stephanie is a San Antonio, Texas based artist and photographer who specializes in small sized fine art. Her paintings come on deckled edge cotton rag paper or gesso coated wood panel and her drawings come on bristol board or scratchboard.

Media used:

  • oil paint
  • watercolor paint
  • acrylic paint
  • alcohol ink
  • charcoal pencil
  • chalk and oil pastel
  • scratchboard
  • mixed media
  • photography

She enjoys working with others, and works with Chico's Coffee Shack as the artist coordinator for their shop, working to bring in other artists to display their work. 

Stephanie also donates some of her work yearly to the Windcrest Fire Department for their annual picnic and silent auction. Funds raised help the department purchase needed safety equipment. She also donates artwork to the University Health System, which helps to bring a more soothing atmosphere to their hospitals and clinics. She has also donated portions of her earnings to the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance and The Good Cemetarian. 

Stephanie has several pieces published by online magazine competitions. View the full list here.