Keith Klabon

Keith Klabon

Artisan - Ceramist - Constructions/Collage - Craftsperson - Maker - Mixed Media Artist - Mosaics Artist - Multi-Disciplinary - Multiple Art Forms - Muralist - Painter - Photographer - Printmaker - Sculptor - Visual Arts - Woodworker - Landscape designer, water feature specialist



   5831 Kissing Oak st., San Antonio, TX, 78247

Born in Chicago, Illinois on February 1, 1969. Grew up mostly in the mountains outside Golden Colorado on a small ranch. Father was a Western fur trader reenactor and black powder enthusiast participating in numerous reenactments and Rendezvous throughout Keith’s childhood. A disabled Navy Veteran with 17 years of service as a Naval Aircrewman and Ordnanceman. The painting of murals and aircraft were also performed for various spaces and squadrons while serving abroad mainly in the Pacific regions. While on active duty studied Landscape Design, Horticulture, and Professional Pilot at numerous Universities and Colleges. After being injured on active duty focused on multiple disciplines of art mediums for 12 years at Universities, Colleges, and art institutions. A reenactor of the Texas Revolution and American Mexican War and aviation enthusiast. Lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. 

I make small to large scale wall sculptures of representational to abstract works that span the mediums of traditional painting to bas relief sculptures. These wall sculptures entail the use of found and repurposed objects arranged to form a relationship to either abstraction or to plant materials and other elements within a landscape. These wall sculptures are made entirely of found and discarded objects from many origins in which my search takes me.  

The forms of the composition are dictated by the materials in which I have gathered or had been given. These materials convey a feeling to me of either a relation to a mechanical or natural idea. It is through texture and line that directs my thoughts to form a composition.  

I create works that stop observers and question what it is that they are looking at or what it is made of. People often are compelled to feel my sculptures as these compositions consist of intricate and very textural pieces that as a whole form a unified texture and feeling. 

The paintings that I compose range across multiple genres, which relates to the work in which I express the feelings that I have come to experience through my upbringing, travels, and situations of extremes in my military career. I use texture in these paintings to span the mediums of sculpture and painting that in most cases cannot imply the texture and the feeling of that texture without a mixed media within the paint or carved into that painting. 

Keith is a participating artist at the Veterans Regional Art Show every year in San Antonio, Texas. He is represented by Saatchi art gallery Los Angles, CA., Southtown art gallery San Antonio, TX.