Juan Escobedo

Juan Escobedo


Website: https://www.jce-art.com


   222 Yellowstone St, San Antonio, TX, 78210

Juan C. Escobedo (B.1985 El Paso, TX) explores his identity as a brown, Mexican-American queer male, raised in a low-socioeconomic community along the US/Mexico border.  The work discusses residual class and race shame that arises from living in a predominantly “white” structured United States, which favors light-skinned individuals, middle-class and above socioeconomic classes.  His work consists of installations, objects and video collages primarily composed of cardboard, a material charged with preconceived notions of crudeness, utilitarianism, disposability, and brownness— characteristics that parallel Escobedo’s identity.  The work he creates re-enact situations charged with socioeconomic and racial prejudices. This is done to confront the audience with preconceived notions of race and class through humor, symbolism, and material choice.  The ultimate goal is for the audience to become aware and question the origin of their own prejudices.