Andria Rose

Andria Rose


   8618 Timber Lodge, San Antonio, TX, 78250

Mexícana songstress Andria Rose is a velvety dream. Evoking warm feelings of bliss with her soothing voice and introspective lyrics, Rose’s music is like honey straight out of the jar.

Alongside being immersed with different eras and their timeless art, Andria’s inspiration is also drawn from modernity- using her personal experiences as a muse to create painterly music. Now, she writes and records from the comfort of her own home in San Antonio, Texas.

At a show, you would find Andria with red lips and a sultry flare, accompanied by a fusion of jazz, psychedelia, and smoky vocals smooth as caramel. It is no wonder Andria Rose's music has her listeners in a daze.