Ernesto Ibanez

Ernesto Ibanez



   3614 Falls Creek Dr., San Antonio, TX, 78230

Ernesto Ibanez (b. 1985) originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, is a professional sculptor and painter based in San Antonio. After completing his 2010, Ibanez move to the U.S. and settled in Texas to join his family. Ibanez’ spractices includes a mixture of full-round sculptures and works on canvas. The paintings shine brightly with intense color. In his sculptures, Ibanez alters ordinary materials such as nails, and fiberglass to create intensely detailed sculptures of animal-like forms. What is striking about his animal forms is the presence of “fur” entirely created using carpentry nails. These forms are often paired with brightly colored appendages like ears and beaks. The colors he uses to tie his formations in with the cosmos and the spirit world.